About Janine
   Launched in the fall of 2004, Janine Marie Handbags are designed by Janine Morales in the San Francisco Bay Area. Seeking fresh palettes and rich texture, Janine utilizes apparel and home décor fabrics to create casually elegant bags with unique color harmony and movement.
   Having lived in California since 1988, her design aesthetic is very much a product of the Northern California lifestyle—sophisticated but laid back and refreshingly independent—appealing to those who prefer self-expression over trends and designer labels. That independent spirit is reflected in the line and characterized by soft silhouettes with a casual chic appeal. Drawn to neutral, sandy hues that lend an organic quality to her bags, Janine adds splashes of patterns and color to bring freshness and personality to classic shapes and help capture that California vibe.
   Fascinated by textiles and sewing at a very young age, Janine has a natural ability to create splendid color combinations, but never consider turning her love of fabric into a career. The self-taught designer also has a PhD in Pharmacology and had a successful career in science before stepping into the fashion world. In search of an outlet to express her artistic side, quilting classes rekindled her interest in playing with textiles and color and subsequently led to the launch of her handbag line. Her innate desire to experiment provided an easy transition from science to fashion. She looks forward to designing her own fabrics for the bag line. All Janine Marie designs are the sole creations of Janine, and her work can be found in over 100 boutiques and galleries nationwide.