Customer Service & Shopping Information
Janine Marie respects your privacy. We will never share, sell, rent or distribute our customers information to anyone for any reason (except as required by law). When placing a purchase or when using our online contact form, if you check, "Please add me to your mailing list" then occasionally, Janine Marie may contact you by regular mail or by email with new product announcements or shows in which Janine Marie is participating. We currenlty send less than 2 web mailings per year.

Other vendors may also be included in a mailing -- to reduce our costs Janine Marie often participates in events with other vendors whom we have a close and personal relationship. We have not shared your information with the other vendor, Janine Marie included their information in our mailing as a courtesy.

Emailed invitations will contain our studio address, phone number and a link to be removed from our mailing list; if you wish to be removed at any other time please us the online contact form and state in the Comments/Questions box that you would like to be removed.